Below are three separate and distinct levels of program materials and service. All are within the requirements of OSHA. All Training Programs are custom written to fit your business.

Program Definitions And Inclusions

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  • Written Hazard Communication Program
    29 CFR 1910.1200 Auto Revisions
    The "Right To Know" is the information source for employers to inform employees of the workplace hazards and hazardous chemicals to which they may be exposed. This and all programs are written from the business owners perspective to make them site specific for the individual employers.

    Included with the written Hazard Communication Program is a complete hazard assessment of your business and the following benefits:
    1.  Complete chemical audit of your facility
    2.  MSDS management which includes index for quick reference
    3.  Pre and post training testing materials
    4.  Certification form
    5.  OSHA poster & injury reporting forms (300 & 101)
    6.  Workplace violations report
    7.  Workplace checklist
    8.  Employee information consulting
    9. Timely updates of program
    10. Mock compliance walk through inspections
    11. Permitting and consultation on an as needed basis
    12. Training booklets for employees

  • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act
    The Act Was Implemented in 1976
    The "RCRA" requirements were designed by EPA to protect human health and the environment from improper handling of hazardous waste.  How to control and manage waste from it's creation to it's ultimate disposal or best destruction.  (Cradle to Grave Responsibilities)

    Included in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Program are instructions on how to handle waste, how to respond to a spill in your workplace, how to qualify a waste disposal firm and EPA information deemed necessary to the operation of your business.

    As part of the hazard assessment we include the following:
    1.  Appropriate federal and local filings
         fire department
         police department
         local emergency planning committee
    2.  Comprehensive chemical listing
    3.  Reminder notices on permits
    4.  Mock EPA walk through as required
    5.  Update of information required by EPA on periodic basis
    6.  Permitting and consultation on an as needed basis
    7.  Emergency notification posting
    8.  Written spill plan for posting

  • Control Of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
    29 CFR 1910.147
    The Lockout/Tagout Program is designed to prevent injury in the workplace due to the unexpected startup, energizing or release of stored energy during equipment servicing and maintenance or repair activities.

    The written Lockout/Tagout program provides the employer with a tool to train his maintenance worker and inform the general work force of a maintenance and/or repair situation.

    The program materials include:
    1.  Comprehensive site specific training program
    2.  Testing material
    3.  Training booklet for each affected employee
    4.  Equipment Traing
    5.  Certification paperwork
    6.  Sample materials

  • Fire Emergency Response Program
    29 CFR 1910.155
    OSHA statute that requires employers with more than ten employees to have in place a written fire prevention plan for the facility including fire extinguisher training.

    The written Fire Emergency Response Program includes the following:
    1.  Evacuation map which is site specific
    2.  Testing materials
    3.  Training booklet for employees
    4.  Certification paperwork

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
    29 CFR 1910.1030
    The Bloodborne Pathogens Program requirement began in the medical field and now applies to general industry.  It is designed by OSHA to protect workers exposed at work, to blood and other potentially infectious materials including all body fluids, that can contain or have the possibility of containing pathogens such as HIV or the Hepatitis B and C virus.

    The written Bloodborne Pathogens Program includes the instructions necessary to train employees in how to respond to a medical emergency involving infectious pathogens.

    The program includes:
    1.  Bloodborne pathogens disposal kit
    2.  Training booklet for each employee
    3.  Testing materials
    4.  Certification paperwork
    5.  Medical Articles

  • S&ECC Maintenance Provisions
    S&ECC throughout the contract period will provide the following:

    1.  Maintain current chemical listing as required by statute
    2.  Update MSDS information as received from client on new items introduced into the client workplace
    3.  Maintain a master list of all MSDS's for all chemicals in the client facility
    4.   Furnish continuing support of all programs provided by S&ECC and make all changes as needed or required by federal, state and local statutes
    5.  On-site visits during contract period
    6.  Represent client before regulatory agencies
    7.  Training materials to re-train employees in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.1200 and applicable state statutes
    8.  Newsletters and other methods of communication to benefit client
    9.  Support to client when required permits or surveys are requested by local, state or federal agencies
    10. Buying guidance on necessary personal protective equipment
    11. Confidential consultations as needed

    Contact S&ECC For More Information at Their Toll Free Number 1-877-302-5842 or 708-334-7322


After choosing the level you wish to purchase fill in the I Comply form. The I Comply form is used to build up the program that makes it "custom". Then submit as email to or mail via USPS.

Over the years we have been servicing the small business owner in a diverse group of industries but felt that we could be of more service and broaden our product line with a broader range. Below are three separate and distinct levels of program materials and service. All are within the requirements of OSHA and will stand on their own merit, however they all carry a different level or effort on the part of the client. ( Training materials also available in Spanish )

Compliance Level 1
- Target Price $545.00

At Level 1 the client must complete his own MSDS search and compilation, complete employee training and can then certify that he has brought his business into compliance with the minimum OSHA requirement. Otherwise this is a do it yourself project with S&ECC, Inc. guidance.

Client purchases ALL IN ONE program that includes:

Compliance Level 2
- Target Price $1545.00
Annual Maintenance $900.00

Under the Level 2 plan the client completes a physical inventory and mapping of the facility and sends the required questionnaire and materials to S&ECC for MSDS search and completion of custom written programs. S&ECC completes the MSDS inventory format and supplies all programs for training personnel using S&ECC materials. Maintenance is provided to keep program materials current.

Client purchases compliance materials that include:

Compliance Level 3
- Target Price $2545.00 +
Annual Maintenance $1200.00

With Level 3 option S&ECC, Inc. offers comprehensive compliance services on a consulting basis and S&ECC, Inc. provides all services to bring client into compliance with current and future OSHA and EPA requirements.

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